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5 Things We Learned From New York Jets’ Week 1 Win

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Jets Week 1 Win: 5 Things We Learned From It

Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

The New York Jets overcame a nine-point deficit to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, 18-17.

The Jets caught a break when Bucs linebacker Lavonte David made a careless mistake by hitting quarterback Geno Smith after he had ran out of bounds. This mistake allowed Nick Folk to kick the go-ahead field goal with two seconds remaining in the game.

It was not an ideal game for either team.

Both teams’ offenses struggled to move the football to the opposing team’s red zone for the majority of the game. This was not a surprise because the quarterbacks, Josh Freeman and Smith, are average at best.

Freeman had no excuse to struggle as much as he did because the Jets have many new players in the secondary. He was effective when he was throwing the football near rookie cornerback Dee Milliner.

Smith and the offense were lucky to have the last chance to realistically score in the game.

The Jets’ running game was atrocious. Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory had a combined 22 carries for 45 yards. Smith did a good job as a game manager, but his struggles at times showed why he is in the midst of a quarterback competition.

Both run defenses played phenomenally. The Bucs’ run defense played so well that it appeared they were playing against college football running backs. They did a great job of making the Jets beat them through the passing game, not the running game.

The Jets’ run defense improbably held one of the best running backs from last season, Doug Martin, to 24 carries on 65 yards.

The media and the NFL fans learned five things from the Jets' win.

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5. Chris Ivory is not 100 percent yet

Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

New York Jets running back Chris Ivory had a dreadful performance on Sunday. Ivory had 10 carries for 15 yards. It makes sense for him to struggle this much when he had a hamstring injury during the preseason.

He did not play at all during the preseason while recovering from the injury. Thus, Week 1 is the beginning of Ivory’s ‘preseason.’

It should not be a surprise if he struggles against the New England Patriots on Thursday because he is still probably battling some soreness in his hamstring.

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4. Kellen Winslow will be a go-to option this season

Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

New York Jets tight end Kellen Winslow had a great game on Sunday. Quarterback Geno Smith was looking in Winslow’s direction a lot, resulting in seven catches for 79 yards and a touchdown. With a rookie starting quarterback, it is essential for Winslow to run precise routes as he did on Sunday. Smith will throw the ball to Winslow a lot this season when the opposing team's secondary is doing a great job of blanketing his deep threats.

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3. Dee Milner is not Darrelle Revis

Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

Dee Milliner has the potential to develop into a great cornerback, but it is just potential right now. He was exposed when Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback Josh Freeman threw passes in his vicinity.

Revis is a former All-Pro cornerback and arguably the best cornerback in the game when healthy. Milliner should go through some learning curve during the season, and he is not Revis.

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2. Geno Smith deserves to be the starting quarterback

Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

Geno Smith showed on Sunday that he is an effective game manager and a mobile quarterback. Unlike Mark Sanchez, Smith was able to use his speed to pick up much-needed yardage when he was under pressure.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan should name Smith the starting quarterback for the season before their Week 2 game so he can learn from his inevitable rookie mistakes.

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1. The Jets’ front seven will be great when Coples is healthy

Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

The New York Jets’ front seven did a tremendous job of pressuring Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback Josh Freeman and containing Doug ‘The Hamster Muscle’ Martin on Sunday.

The football experts predicted the Bucs to dominate the Jets, but the Jets' front seven made it a closely contested game.

They were able to sack Freeman three times and force him to make poor decisions. They were also able to contain ‘The Hamster Muscle’ to 65 yards on 24 carries.

The front seven should be great when dynamic Quinton Coples, who will play linebacker this year, is healthy.

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