Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville Jaguars, Simply Cannot 'Win'

By Andrew Fisher
Blaine Gabbert
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You couldn’t have scripted a more horrendous start to the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ 2013 season, and especially for quarterback Blaine Gabbert. The third-year signal-caller got the starting nod for team’s season opener on Sunday, but the end result was a 28-2 defeat at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. Gabbert’s status was in question coming into the contest because of a thumb injury, and as fate would have it, the QB suffered a laceration to the same hand (right), which required 15 stitches. As a result, Gabbert has now been ruled out of the team’s week two game against the Oakland Raiders.

The Jags say Gabbert should only miss one week and that Chad Henne will start in his place against Oakland. But after this latest incident you just have to wonder if the Gabbert-Jags relationship just isn’t meant to be. I know that some fans already reached that conclusion long ago, but I’ve been in the camp of those saying that Gabbert deserves one more year. 2013 is supposed to be that year, but so far, things just aren’t panning out.

If Henne comes out and plays well in week two, then the Jags will be back in the same position that they were all offseason – dealing with a QB battle that’s going nowhere.

With a team that seems destined for another last place finish in the AFC South, the question now becomes – how long does management let this play out? When do they just say enough and move on from both signal-callers? I hate to say it, but it’s looking more and more like Tim Tebow is a better option for the Jacksonville franchise than any other QB they have on the roster. Maybe not in terms of passing efficiency, but he’d at least help put more butts in seats and make the team more relevant.


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