CBS Analyst Phil Simms Is Not Sold On Washington Redskins' Offense

By James Williams
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The 2012 Washington Redskins with Rookie of the Year quarterback Robert Griffin III had quite a year. They won the NFC East and set the football world upside down with their ability to run the read option offense. It was an offense that caught on quickly with the Seattle Seahawks using Russell Wilson and of course in the Bay Area it was the  San Francisco 49ers with Colin Kaepernick

Washington, Seattle and San Francisco all three made the playoffs and of course the 49ers were the NFC Champions losing to the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl.

So the question that is being asked by a number of football pundits is simple: Is the read option run by Griffin, Kaepernick  and Wilson a gimmick, or is it something we will see for years to come?

Last week I had to ask CBS lead game analyst, Phil Simms,  if he thought that the read offense and what we might expect this season.

JW: Will the defensive coordinators be able to stop the read offense now that they have had a year’s worth of film to study?

Simms:  “Everybody’s ready for it. I think it might have some success early this season but I think as the year goes along, it will be less and less effective. That is not to say against some teams that are just not that good it will probably work.”

JW: So you are saying that Seattle, San Francisco and Washington will not be as good as last year?

Simms: “Go through history, Michael Vick and maybe a couple of guys like an R3, they’re so fast maybe they can hang in a little longer. But quarterbacks slow down faster than any other position in the league because there are so many elements that come into play.”

JW: So you are saying that Griffin,  Kaepernick  and Wilson will not be successful in the NFL?

Simms: “No not completely. Both  Kaepernick and RG3 have two of the best young arms in the NFL. They are also very athletic and smart so they can be successful if they are willing to adapt. I feel that over time they will have alter their game to continue their success in this league. The NFL is where everyone is constantly making adjustments. As for Wilson he may not have the arm strength of the other two men, but he is also smart and athletic. If he adapts he should fine. ”  

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