Of Course, Mike Wallace Was Mad At Himself

By Andrew Fisher
Mike Wallace
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Despite an opening day win for the Miami Dolphins, newly acquired wide receiver Mike Wallace was not happy following the game. It was of course due to the fact that he only had one catch for 15 yards in his team debut. When asked about it, Wallace told reporters: ‘ask coach not my game plan.’ Yeah, not exactly what you want to hear the new $60 million-dollar man if you’re a Dolphins fan.

But don’t worry Miami fans, Wallace has now clarified his comment:

“I was upset with myself. It wasn’t really anything else to do with anything. I would’ve told you the same thing regardless. If you ask me about the plays, I don’t really have the answer. That’s all I meant by that.”

Oh, I get it. Of course we all rushed to judgement and assumed Wallace was upset over his number of targets. I’m sure that if he had a tremendous debut of 7 catches for 150 yards, that he would have said the exact same thing – ‘Ask coach not my game plan.’

All sarcasm aside, Wallace does deserve a chance to make his original comments right. I completely understand his frustration concerning his team debut, but he needs to look at the end result – his team got a win. There are better days ahead for the speedy wide out. It’s just one game we’re talking about and it was his first with a new quarterback. Dolphins’ fans shouldn’t panic about this little bump in the road, but it will be interesting to see how Wallace reacts the next time he has a bad game…


Miami Dolphins’ Worst Nightmare: Mike Wallace Spouts Off After Game


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