Randy Moss Says "Disrespectful" Of Minnesota Vikings To Give Rookie No. 84

By Nick Baker
Randy Moss
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Moss has made headlines once again, this time as a sportscaster instead of as a football player. Moss said it was disrespectful of the Minnesota Vikings to give rookie wide out Cordarrelle Patterson No. 84, which of course is the number Moss wore as a member of the Vikings.

The exact quote from Moss about the situation also raises some other interesting thoughts:

“First of all, that’s disrespectful, to give a rookie my number. I don’t really believe in numbers, but I think that from a professional standpoint, I did make that number. And for them to give him that number, he hasn’t proven anything yet. But, hey, what can I say, I’m just Randy Moss sitting here in the studio.”

Moss, who apparently “doesn’t believe in numbers,” is still somehow affected by the Vikings giving Patterson his old number, which was bound to happen sooner or later as Moss made the number cool for wide receivers during his time in the league.

Making this situation even more interesting is that Moss was given the number 84 as a rookie back in 1998 when he was still unproven. Of course players take pride in their number which is understandable, but getting mad at your former team for giving a talented rookie wide out your number is a bit excessive I would say.

It appears Moss may still be bitter for the way his career ended and he most likely wishes he was still playing in the NFL which makes perfect sense as many former players wished they could have played longer. Although Moss is likely jealous of Patterson being the budding rookie Moss once was, he should instead be embracing his former team for giving such a prestigious number to a high profile rookie who could possibly become the next Randy Moss.

All in all this is just another Randy being Randy moment, like the time he fake mooned the Green Bay Packers fans at Lambeau Field, or when he said he would be paying his NFL enforced fine in “straight cash.” Moss will likely generate more headlines as an analyst of the new Fox Sports 1 channel, but this issue over his former number is something that needs to be moved on from so Patterson can focus on making an impact on the field on Sundays.

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