Cleveland Browns Are Worst Team In NFL After Week 1

By Zach Slotter
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It’s not just the fact that the Cleveland Browns lost at home to the Miami Dolphins 23-10 in their season opener that makes them the worst team in the NFL. While the final score contributed to this claim, it was more the game plan itself that should leave Browns fans disgusted.

Norv Turner was brought in after being fired from the San Diego Chargers to be the new offensive coordinator. This was supposed to be the breakthrough move for young quarterback Brandon Weeden, and Turner was going to put him on the path to success. If we learned anything from watching the way Turner handled Phillip Rivers while he was in San Diego, he will lean too heavily on a QB and basically run him into the ground.

As evidence in Week 1, they let Weeden throw 53 times, which led to a 48.4 QB Rating thanks to three interceptions. One of the best young running backs in the league, Trent Richardson, only received 13 carries. That ratio is unacceptable when they have a mediocre QB at best in Weeden and a potential Pro Bowler in Richardson.

The defense wasn’t even half bad against the Dolphins, especially on the run. The Browns held the Dolphins to 20 yards on 23 carries. Usually when that happens, your team should be in a good position to win the football game.

But this is where we return to the original thesis. This is why the Browns are the worst team in the NFL. Simply put, they let Weeden throw the ball 53 times; there is no excuse for that. The offensive genius known as Norv Turner better realize quickly that he doesn’t have Rivers anymore, or it’s going to be another long season for the Browns.

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