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Dallas Cowboys: 5 Reasons Why Your Favorite Team Sucks in 2013

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Dallas Cowboys: 5 Reasons Your Favorite Team Sucks in 2013

Kirby Lee- USA Today Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are without a doubt the NFL's most compelling team. They have by far the largest following of fans in the NFL, but also have the largest amount of haters as well.

The Cowboys were once considered the best franchise in the NFL. Back in the 1970s, the Cowboys won Super Bowls in 1971 and 1977. After the Super Bowl win in '77, the Cowboys would not win another title for 15 years.

Jerry Jones bought the team in 1989 based on the premise that he was the only person willing to fire legendary coach Tom Landry. After the firing of Landry, Jones hired his own coach Jimmy Johnson. This move paid off and lead them to win three Super Bowls in four years (1992, 1993 and 1995).

Since the 1995 season, the Cowboys have been somewhat of an oblivious team in the NFL, winning only two playoff games in the past 18 years. I look for this trend to continue this year. The Cowboys have not had a winning season since 2009, which is also the last time they made the playoffs.

Over the past decade, the Cowboys have proven to be futile when it comes to being in any sort of pressure situation. The Cowboys had a chance to make the playoffs going into Week 17 in each of the last two years. All they had to do was win, and they have failed both years -- and looked terrible in doing so. I still don't think the Cowboys are going to be able to handle the pressure this year. So, these are five reasons why “America's team" will suck in 2013.

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5. Cowboys' Secondary

Geoff Burke- USA Today Sports

The Dallas Cowboys' secondary has been, to be nice, bad for the past four years or so. It does not look to be any better this year. The best cover corner that they have is Brandon Carr. Second-year corner from LSU Maurice Claiborne has yet to prove himself, and will struggle to keep up with receivers in the NFL. At the safety position, Barry Church and Will Allen are not good in coverage.

Aside from the issues in coverage the Cowboys are going to have, the secondary is not going to be much help in stopping the run. They lack the type of player that can step up in the box and become an extra linebacker on running downs.

Because of their deficiencies in the secondary, a lot of pressure will be put on the linemen up front to get to the quarterback and force quick decisions.

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4. Offensive Line

doug free
Matthew Emmons-USA Today Sports

Last season, the Dallas Cowboys offensive line gave up 23 sacks. 10 of the sacks allowed were attributed to Doug Free (seven) and Tyron Smith (three). With a glaring deficiency at tackle, the Cowboys did not address that position. They did, however, address center. In this year's draft, they selected Travis Frederick from Wisconsin. The only other player that was not on the offensive line last year is Ronald Leary, a second-year player.

The additions of Leary and Frederick are not going to bolster that line much. The weak side of the line is the right side with Free and guard Mackenzy Bernadeau, who allowed 66 pressures and 13 sacks combined. With the amount of pass rushers in the NFL, this does not bode well for Tony Romo.

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3. Jason Garret

Tim Heitman- USA Today Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have been a .500 team in the first two full seasons with Jason Garret at the helm. Aside from going 5-3 after Garrett took over the team halfway through the 2010 season, the Cowboys have underperformed.

It's not for a lack of talent that the Cowboys haven't lived up to their potential. A lot has to fall on the decision making and clock management of Garrett, or lack thereof.

With Garrett seemingly not learning from mistakes he has made in the past, I expect much of the same from him this year. Tack that on with the lack of authority he has over the Cowboys, and Garrett is going to be a huge factor in why the Cowboys are going to suck again.

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2. Tony Romo

Matthew Emmons- USA Today Sports

Tony Romo is a good quarterback through the majority of the NFL regular season. And considering the team he plays for, he handles that pressure fairly well.

It's when the pressure of the game becomes too much for him that he implodes. Any time he is in a must-win game, he chokes. That has been and will continue to be his forte.

This year, Cowboy fans can expect more of the same. The old cliche "close but no cigar" will hold true as long as Romo is the quarterback in Dallas.

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1. Jerry Jones

Greg Bartram- USA Today Sports

Don't get me wrong, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a great business man, and great owner for the NFL to have.

Jones however, is not a great football mind. His reluctance to remove himself as the general manager of the Cowboys has and will continue to cost them the chance to win consistently.

As long as Jones continues to undermine and heed all the power from the coaches he hires, the Cowboys are destined to fall short of expectations. I don't see Jones giving up any power to coach Jason Garrett in 2013, and that makes Jerry Jones the no. 1 reason why the Cowboys are going to suck in 2013.