Philadelphia Eagles Demolish Washington Redskins With Defensive Intensity

By williambontrager
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Long time Philadelphia Eagles fans would agree, last night the Washington Redskins felt something they haven’t experienced for a while against their long time rivals – soul crushing hits.

Although Billy Davis is not the legendary defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, his scheme for attacking the quarterback was reflective of him last night.

It started with the excellent play of the linebacker corps.

The hunter stalked his prey all over FedExFeild, sometimes evading a block, sometimes bursting through a wall of maroon and yellow, getting to his mobile victims. Trent Cole answered questions concerning his adaptability into the 3-4 defense as he put the Redskins down, inciting a fumble, earning a sack, and terrorizing the offensive front with pressure.

Cary Williams, despite the heated criticism during the summer, showed why he is a Super Bowl champion. On a corner blitz he flew like a lightning streak at Robert Griffin III, bringing him to the ground in a fashion reminiscent of his former team led by Ray Lewis.

Mychal Kendricks, Connor Barwin, and Fletcher Cox imitated madmen rushing to the faltering quarterback. The whole team looked fired up, juiced to get to the passer. It is play like this that makes up for a questionable secondary which allowed the Skins to get back in the game.

For Eagles fans who remember the glory days of passionate defense, last night was awesome to see. Gang tackles, rushing to the ball in a flood, and creative blitzes had me standing up and kicking over tables. Thank you Davis, and keep it up with the intensity.

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