Tony Romo Once Again Proves His Resilience

By peteosmolia
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

You can say what you want about Tony Romo. You can say, “He chokes under pressure,” “He is careless with the football,” He’s not a leader,” or “He can’t win in pressure situations,” but you cannot deny his resiliency or eagerness to be on the field. Late in the second quarter of Sunday night’s game against the New York Giants, Romo and the Dallas Cowboys suffered a scare. Romo was sandwiched between two Giants’ defenders as they sacked him. He went down and was slow to get up; he went to the sidelines and missed the last play before the half expired. It was apparent that Romo was in pain as he winced while warming up before the start of the second half, but he went out and continued to play.

We have witnessed many quarterbacks for different teams in the NFL take hits like Romo took on Sunday night, and the majority of them would have been sitting out after, but not Romo. He suffered a broken rib and punctured lung two seasons ago and still managed to play through it, and play well. Remember back to the game against the San Francisco 49ers when he hit Jesse Holley with a long pass for the game winning touchdown? He did that with a punctured lung! Romo is a leader on the Cowboys, and by playing through injuries he earns the respect of his teammates.

Romo might not be the best quarterback in the NFL, as he doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring and he makes mistakes, but he is always willing to play, even when he is injured. If you don’t like Romo for any other reason, you should at least respect his willingness to stay on the field even when he is hurting.

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