Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Historically Bounces Back from Losses

By jeffreykryglik
Chris Humphreys- USA TODAY Sports

It would seem like the world was coming to an end in Charm City when the Baltimore Ravens fell in their season-opening game against the Denver Broncos 49-27. However, this is a franchise led by a damn good football coach in John Harbaugh, and historically the Ravens fail to string together a series of losses under his guidance.

This is Harbaugh’s sixth year at the helm, and he recently signed a four-year contract extension with the franchise. All has been well since his arrival in Baltimore as well considering the Ravens haven’t missed the playoffs with him leading the team. Oh yeah, and a Super Bowl title in 2012 is a pretty sweet accomplishment as well. His tenure also includes three AFC Championship Game appearances.

Given all of these successes that the Ravens have benefited from ever since he’s arrived, it is seldom that people talk about the transgressions of the successful head coach.

While limited, the Ravens have lost by 20 points just four times in franchise history under Harbaugh’s guidance.

In 2008, Baltimore lost to the Indianapolis Colts 31-3 and followed the loss with a 27-13 victory over the Miami Dolphins. They also fell to the New York Giants 30-10 and responded with a 36-7 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 2011, the Ravens lost to the San Diego Chargers 34-14 and bounced back with a 20-14 win over the Cleveland Browns — their opponent in Week 2 this weekend.

In 2012, the Ravens suffered an ugly loss on the road to the Houston Texans 43-13. They responded with a 25-15 win over the Browns.

The Ravens didn’t suffer a 20-point blowout loss in 2009 or 2010.

Harbaugh’s also known around the league for being a successful coach following a loss.

In 2008, the Ravens were 3-2 following a loss and suffered three losses in a row to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans and the 28-point loss to the Colts. In 2009, Baltimore was 5-2 following a loss and lost three-in-a-row to the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals and  Minnesota Vikings. In 2010 and 2011, Harbaugh led the Ravens to 4-0 records following a loss, never losing consecutive games during those campaigns. In 2012, the Ravens dropped back to a 3-2 record during the regular season and lost three games in a row at the hands of the Steelers, Washington Redskins and Broncos. It just so happens the Ravens captured the crown jewel of their sport becoming the Super Bowl XLVII champions.

If you were able to calculate the math, Harbaugh’s record during the regular season when following a loss totals 19-6. The Ravens have only lost consecutive games under his leadership three times in 2008, 2009 and 2012, but all of those such streaks were three-game losing skids.

What have we learned with this piece?

John Harbaugh and the Ravens are set for their home opener at M&T Bank Stadium against the Browns 1 p.m. Sunday. Despite Week 1’s result typically being an anomaly for Harbaugh, if history repeats itself, expect the Browns to fall this weekend.

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