DeSean Jackson vs. DeAngelo Hall: A New-Found, Vicious NFC East Player Rivalry

By Joe Doris
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Both WR DeSean Jackson and CB DeAngelo Hall are well-known hot heads, and it was really only a matter of time until the two borderline-thugs got into it.

In the second quarter of this week’s Monday Night Football premiere between the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins, Hall dragged Jackson down to the turf on the sideline, long after the play was over. Jackson popped up after the late hit and mightily shoved Hall to the ground.

And an epic NFC East beef was born.

For the rest of the series, and the night for that matter, the two were constantly jawing, shoving and taunting each other to no end. At one point Jackson put his fists up in front of his face; mimicking a boxing-style stance, basically daring Hall to hit him. Some maintain that Jackson also threw up a “Crips” gang-sign at Hall in the midst of their scuff, but the alleged footage is certainly debatable considering it happened so fast.

The officials tossed some yellow laundry, flagging Hall for the late hit, but not Jackson for the obvious retaliation.

It is no secret that Hall is one of the NFL’s most hated athletes due to his long and storied history of fights, with players as well as referees, and his pompous, entitled attitude. It also doesn’t take much for Eagles’ fans to hate anybody, so Hall is certainly a perfect enemy.

Even though the Birds-‘Skins Week 1 showdown is now over, the two bitter rivals are set to face-off again in Week 11, and could very well compete in the playoffs.

I can guarantee you that neither Jackson nor Hall will forget about their Week 1 fisticuffs, and you can expect this new-found rivalry to be refueled every time they line up across one another.


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