Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly’s Offense Shows Upside and Future Demise in Week 1

By Jay Cullen
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly’s offense started the season out well, but not incredibly so.

They scored 31 points with the help of three turnovers. 31 points is great, but a lot of credit should be given to a Philadelphia Eagles defense getting turnovers in the Washington Redskins‘ half of the field. The best measure of an offense is usually yards per play. The Eagles had 5.8 yards per play, which would have been in the top 10 for offenses last year. Since the Eagles ranked 20th last year with 5.3, this is certainly an upgrade.

Furthermore, Michael Vick did not throw an interception. The Eagles did lose two fumbles, but were actually fairly unlucky not to recover either one. Kelly’s system is heavy on the run, and thus should have fewer turnovers than most offenses on a per play basis. This game did illustrate this despite the turnovers.

What this game also did was demonstrate how Kelly’s offense could fall apart. Vick was sacked three times, hit seven times and ran nine times. He did get out of bounds of a few plays, but Vick was basically hit hard 15 times. By the end, he was limping with some clear pain in his groin. He is fine for now, but if he continues to get hit this much, he will get injured.

Vick was an injury-prone player before. Now he is in an offense that runs more plays than any other offense and has him run a fair amount. That is a deadly combination. This is not even mentioning the fact that the Eagles’ other star player, LeSean McCoy, had 32 touches. He too is a major injury risk with that kind of work.

The Eagles had a great start, but they are leaning heavily on Vick and McCoy, and it will probably come back to bite them.

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