Robert Quinn is the Defensive MVP of Week 1

By Jay Cullen
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Quinn might be the next big name in the NFL. He is a third year player, and at only 23 years old he has lots of time to develop. He didn’t wait long to show his skill this season, with three big sacks in Week 1.

And the St. Louis Rams needed it. Carson Palmer, the Arizona Cardinals‘ new quarterback, was tearing them apart with 327 yards. Palmer threw two touchdowns to star receiver Larry Fitzgerald and besides the play from Quinn, was dominating the Rams.

But Quinn did just enough to help the Rams get the win. His biggest help was forcing two fumbles. The secondary of the Rams was bad last year and honestly looks to be worse this year, but if Quinn can keep up the sack numbers and keep forcing fumbles on opposing quarterbacks the Rams can be hopeful. That is ultimately why Quinn is the MVP this week. Other players had big weeks like Justin Houston who had three sacks, but the entire Kansas City Chiefs‘ defense played well, shutting down the Jacksonville Jaguars. Quinn, on the other hand, seemed alone in his brilliance.

Look for Quinn to get a big contract this offseason as he has earned it, getting over 10 sacks last year and a big start this year. He has the talent to be the next big pass rusher in the NFL.

It was pretty simple; Quinn saved the Rams in Week 1. He will not be able to every week, as two forced fumbles and three sacks is a lot to ask, but at least for one week the Rams can celebrate. No other defender did that much for his team, so Quinn gets the Week 1 defensive MVP.

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