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5 Things to Watch for When Green Bay Packers Take on Washington Redskins

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5 Things to Watch for When Green Bay Packers Take on Washington Redskins

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The Green Bay Packers will take on the Washington Redskins in Week 2 after a disappointing loss in their season opener against the San Francisco 49ers. The good news is their valiant effort gives fans hope that that they will have the fire power to blast past the Redskins. With that being said, Green Bay will certainly have to have a few things go their way in order to prevent quarterback Robert Griffin III from bouncing back from a mediocre performance against the Philadelphia Eagles.

There is no question the star players on both teams will play a huge part in the contest on Sunday. Both teams are hoping to repeat their playoff success from a season ago while taking it to the next level in 2013. That means beginning the season 0-2 is not in the cards, which makes the game between the Packers and Redskins an intriguing one indeed.

Expect to see both offenses come out in full force as they did in Week 1. Meanwhile, expect Green Bay defensive coordinator Dom Capers to dial up the pressure on Griffin. The fact is the young signal caller is not much different from Colin Kaepernick in a lot of ways. For that reason, the game plan will be very similar.

"When you're playing a quarterback that has those kinds of talents and can move around and has a strong arm, you've got to be able to (stop) both (aspects of his game)," Capers said, according to "We played one phase well (against 49ers); we didn't play the other phase well enough."

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5. Pursuit of Robert Griffin III

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The Packers were not really able to put much pressure on Kaepernick, as they only recorded two sacks on him. Green Bay will have to get after Griffin much more than that if the way to be victorious. The Eagles were able to drop Griffin three times, which means the Packers should be able to at least record that much. Expect Clay Matthews to have a big game, as he definitely did not look pleased with Sunday’s outcome. Another player to watch is Nick Perry. Last year’s first-round draft pick has yet to have a breakout game in his career, which means it is just a matter of time until he makes a name for himself.

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4. Safeties

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Green Bay’s defensive backs allowed Kaepernick to torch them through the air. In particular, safeties Jerron McMillian and M.D. Jennings allowed way too many deep plays to be converted. Kaepernick recorded 412 passing yards, while wide receiver Anquan Boldin managed to haul in 13 receptions for a whopping 208 yards. Obviously, this is unacceptable for a team that has the intentions of reaching the Super Bowl. The good news is safety Morgan Burnett is expected to play Sunday, which should tidy up the secondary. Of course, that is assuming the pass rushers can apply the appropriate pressure to Griffin.

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3. Wide Receivers

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Once again, Green Bay’s wide receivers will be an area of focus. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb both had big games as each player managed to record over 100 receiving yards and a touchdown. However, James Jones, the leader in touchdown grabs in 2012, was unable to haul in a pass after being targeted twice. In my opinion, the wide receivers as a group had a mediocre game against a solid defense. I fully expect more from them, especially with Aaron Rodgers being the one throwing them the ball. It will be interesting to see which receiver steps up in Week 2.

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2. Robert Griffin’s Knee

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Griffin’s knee will be a huge area of focus on game day. It was evident that he was nervous stepping into his passes on Monday night against the Eagles. I am sure the Redskins have already pointed that out to Griffin, which means he will attempt to put a little more juice on the ball on Sunday. With that being said, if the Packers can get up in his face at all, it should definitely throw him off balance more than usual, which will give the secondary some easy picking. Also, getting Griffin on the down early will through his game off to the point where he will favor his knee.

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1. Aaron Rodgers

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Rodgers could easily be the No. 1 part of the game to watch every week. He is a very talented quarterback who makes the position look easy. Not to mention, Green Bay always feel they have a chance to win with him lining up under center. There is no question Rodgers is disappointed after losing to San Francisco. For that reason, expect a big game from the superstar. There is no way he is going to sit back and allow his team to lose their home opener. More importantly, he understands that the Packers cannot fall to 0-2 if they want a top seed in the competitive NFC.