Baltimore Ravens' Lardarius Webb Fielding Punts is a Bad Idea

By Wola Odeniran
Lardarius Webb
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

A lot is going for the Baltimore Ravens these days. Not that you expect things to go quietly for a defending Super Bowl champion, but after the injuries the Ravens suffered in the preseason, and in week one as well, some shuffling has been going on, and one of these shuffles are cornerback Lardarius Webb fielding punts according to via Twitter.

“Lardarius Webb could continue as the team’s punt returner,” special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg said.

What a horrific idea this is in my book. Earlier this week, I talked about the Ravens’ secondary being allergic to tackling, but if there is one guy in the secondary who isn’t, it’s Webb. He brings the physicality to the defense the Ravens are known for, and what is required. The Ravens just lost Webb to a torn ACL last season, and the other time Webb went on IR in his career it was due to playing on special teams for the team in 2009. Risking further injury to their best defensive back is not a good idea.

The Ravens just signed Webb to a six-year deal worth $50 million in 2012, and he needs to be protected. Yes, I understand the best players will play, but playing on special teams is too huge of a risk. The Ravens won it all last season without Webb, but they won’t do the same this year.

Maybe it would be ok if other corners like Jimmy Smith and Corey Graham were actually playing the way the Ravens expect them to, but they are not.  Not from what we saw in week one, and also the inconsistencies over the last two years with the secondary there are many questions that need to be answered.

Webb is important. The Ravens should make his health a priority over anything else.


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