Can Michael Vick Lead Fast-Paced Philadelphia Eagles to Playoffs?

By Ryan Wenzell
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick showed flashes of his old self in running the read-option up-tempo attack that is Chip Kelly‘s baby. Vick accounted for three touchdowns, two through the air and one on the ground, threw for over 200 yards and most importantly, didn’t turn the football over.

This is the type of offense that seems perfectly suited for an athlete such as Vick. The Philadelphia Eagles ran 53 plays in the first half alone Monday Night and it seemed like the Washington Redskins didn’t know what hit them. Vick and his running mates LeSean “Shady” McCoy and DeSean Jackson sliced and diced the Redskins defense in hanging up 26 points by the half and gaining well over 300 yards.

Vick thought by the end of the 1st quarter that it was half time. It certainly had enough plays and action for a half of football. While Vick looked dynamic in running this offense, the one worry fans have is if he can hold up for a full 16-game season with the hits he is exposed to, the punishment  he endures and the pace he and the offense are going at, at 33 years old.

It is a tough one to answer. Kelly is used to 18-22 year olds running his offense. While the Eagles are a young team by league standards, Vick and many of the veterans on the offensive line are in their 30s. Can they recover effectively enough to last 16 games and potentially more? That is a question left to be answered for another day.

On this night, Vick gave us flash backs to his MVP run in 2010. If he can pace himself, not turn the football over and stay healthy throughout the course of the season, we could be seeing Kelly and the Eagles sprinting their way into the playoffs.

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