Can This Wild Philadelphia Eagles Offense Continue?

By williambontrager
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Watching the Philadelphia Eagles take off like jets launching for mission strikes against the Washington Redskins led even the staunchest opponents to marvel on Monday Night. During the first half, they fired off 53 plays, and earned three touchdowns. The question remains, can this super-speed offense stick around for 15 more games? Or will head coach Chip Kelly  slow down for his team to catch their breath?

He was quoted on Tuesday afternoon as saying that they should go even faster, but that was concerning getting the ball back to the referees and other contingencies. Kelly did talk about time management and learning how to slow the game down while still being effective, so he won’t be stubborn enough not to alter his style in the weeks ahead.

Some claim that Kelly is going to unintentionally hurt his players? Members of the media saw that LeSean McCoy was being treated for cramps, and immediately assumed it was due to the style of play, and not something typical throughout the course of the game. Professional football isn’t safe, no matter what style of play, but cramps shouldn’t be a concern. The reckless play of the quarterback will be, though.

Michael Vick, as always, will play prison ball and dive headfirst, but the head coach can’t teach him to hook slide so late in his career. He limped to the locker room after the win to everyone’s dread. As for official injuries, only Bradley Fletcher suffered a concussion for the first game and is questionable against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. Most of the Eagles are healthy, but that will not remain the case.

Expect some Eagles to go down, but let us hope that it isn’t the key ones.

During the press conference, Kelly seemed very concerned about preserving McCoy, so look for Bryce Brown and Chris Polk to be rotated in and out of plays. As for Shady, he showed no concerns, and is looking forward to the next game.

Jason Kelce said that it was the first time that he had to use oxygen, but the results are evident, the opponents were also hurting and wheezing on the sidelines. Just ask London Fletcher about that hellish first quarter the birds put his team in, and expect more of that toward unprepared opponents.

Truthfully, I still remain a skeptic to this style of play lasting in the long run, but I’m enjoying the ride. If Kelly can adapt and learn the balance of clock management , while keeping the high-octane offense, there is no reason to think that they can’t race for two quarters, catch their breath, and finish fast in the fourth. Whatever may happen, it is already more exciting than previous seasons. Here is hoping that this wild ride can launch them in the playoffs.

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