Former Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden Speaks Out Against Author of Scandal Story

By Andrew Fisher
Brandon Weeden
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With the recent allegations that have emerged against Oklahoma State, lots of chatter has broken out on both ends. Initially, the report from Sports Illustrated seemed damning. But now after the co-author of the story, Thayer Evans, has been torn into by other media members, people aren’t quite sure what to think. One person that already has his mind made up on the report – Brandon Weeden.

The current Cleveland Browns, and former OSU quarterback, had this to say on Mr. Evans:

“Long story short the guy has always had it out for Oklahoma State. He’s got a track record. You can go look it up. I’m not going to say his name. You can go look and see what he’s done. But he’s had it out for us, so it’s comical. The truth will come out. I’m surprised. Here’s what I’m surprised about is that a credible institution like Sports Illustrated would do 10 months of investigation and they have no credible facts to go along with the story.”

And boom goes the dynamite.

Weeden has now joined a long list of folks who think that Evans is a fraud. It will be very interesting to see what becomes of this whole story, because someone or something has to pay. If OSU is guilty of the infractions that Evans claims they are, they must be punished. If Evans is found to be guilty of using misinformation in his story, his writing privileges should be revoked. Either way, you can bet that we won’t have to wait long for the outcome, as this entire story is gaining tons of momentum with each passing day.


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