Geno Smith's Poise Is Rare To Find In First-Year Quarterbacks

By Devin O'Barr
Geno Smith
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith can learn how to become a better NFL quarterback when it comes to reading defenses and making the right throws at the right time. However, one thing that a rookie quarterback like Smith can’t be taught is poise. Luckily, the New York Jets‘ quarterback has showed more pocket composure in one game than Blaine Gabbert has in three years worth of starts.

The play that everyone is talking about is the absolute pounding that Smith took from New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones. While it was a rather bone-crushing hit, Smith took it with the utmost class as he stood in the pocket and completed a 27-yard pass to Santonio Holmes before getting sent to the ground. Jones was flagged with roughing the quarterback, which allowed for the Jets to get much better field position and score their first points of the night.

It’s rare to see a first-year quarterback take a big hit from an opposing defender and shake it off like it was nothing. However, Smith did just that and he immediately reminded me of a certain New York quarterback, who is infamous for making the throws when they matter — Eli Manning.

Surely it’s too compare Smith to a two-time Super Bowl champion, yet the Jets’ quarterback has showed signs of being one of the most composed guys in the NFL. As Smith’s career progresses, look for the Jets’ quarterback to mature into one of the most composed signal-callers in the business.

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