Kansas City Chiefs: Why They Can Go 14-2

By Troy Alan
Jason Bridge-USA Today Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs went 2-14 last season. The worst season in the history of the franchise. A complete one season turn around, under a new regime, would be nothing short of a miracle. But I’ve found the reason they can go 14-2 this year.

I’m sure when you opened this it’s because you thought I’d failed math. Or maybe you wanted to see just how hard I’d been hit in the head by flying tomahawks? Sorry, the pictures are too graphic to post on this site.

You may have thought I was gonna talk about the successes of Andy Reid (new head coach) in Philadelphia. He did lead the Philadelphia Eagles to five NFC Championship games including four in a row and Super Bowl XXXIX. Nope. The Chiefs have had a head coach associated with the Eagles organization and miracles in Herm Edwards. You may recall the “Miracle in the Meadowlands” in 1978. That was Herm recovering the fumble and returning it for an Eagles win over the New York Giants on the final play of the game. Didn’t work.

Perhaps you thought I had John Dorsey (new general manager) in mind. After all, he has a Super Bowl ring and is credited with drafting Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Nope. Scott Pioli, the Chiefs previous GM, has three Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots and he drafted Tom Brady. Didn’t work.

Lastly, you may have been waiting to shake your head if I brought up new quarterback Alex Smith, acquired in the offseason from the San Francisco 49ers after losing his job to a younger one (pun intended). Two words for ya… Joe Montana. Joe Cool was acquired by the Chiefs from the 49ers in 1993 after losing his starting position to Steve Young. If you’ll allow me two more words… Didn’t work.

You see, I have been continuously struck in the head by tomahawks flying out of 1 Arrowhead Drive my entire life (I was born in 1974). Attack after attack. Drafts, trades, QB changes, coaches, general managers, numbers, stats, promises… blah, blah, blah. All for three playoff wins in four decades.

I blame my ugliness on all the blows I’ve taken to the head. But the Chiefs can go 14-2 this year, and not because I believe in miracles (although I do). The reason is there are 16 games in this season and none of the other poppycock matters. Amazingly enough, I didn’t fail math. One win down, 13 to go…

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