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Looks Like Mark Sanchez’s Injury Was More Serious Than New York Jets Previously Thought

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According to ESPN football analyst Chris Mortensen late Wednesday night via Twitter, “@mortreport Jets QB Mark Sanchez is likely to have surgery after Dr. James Andrews confirmed he has a labral tear in right shoulder, per league sources.”

So I’m assuming Sanchez’s shoulder injury, which the New York Jets organization assured fans was only day-to-day, is in fact serious after all. I figured Sanchez was going to be done for the year and at this point, I really do not think it matters. Why, you ask?

Well, a lot can change from week to week, but after Week 1, I believe the majority of Jets fans want rookie Geno Smith to start the rest of the season at quarterback.

So what does this mean for Sanchez’s future with the Jets? In my opinion, the Mark Sanchez era was already officially over and now with this news, it is dead and buried as well. I mean, even if Sanchez was not out for the season, I thought he was never going to start another game for the Jets ever again.

The reason why I say this is because by the time Sanchez would have come back if he didn’t need surgery, it would have been around the middle to the end of the season. By then, the Jets would have been out of playoff contention anyway, so what would have been the point in going back to Sanchez even if Smith was struggling?

Now with Sanchez likely to have shoulder surgery and be done for the year, it looks as if the Jets don’t even have that option anymore, and maybe that will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

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