Mark Sanchez's Latest Comments Don't Help New York Jets

By Andrew Fisher

Contrary to popular belief, Mark Sanchez‘s 2013 season may not be over after all. The New York Jets quarterback has now come out and said that he doesn’t plan on getting season-ending shoulder surgery and that he will continue to rehab to get back on the field. This is what he had to say to Rich Eisen about his status and on who he thought won the Jets’ QB competition this summer:

“I’m rehabbing my ass off to try and make it back, and that’s where my head’s at. There is no plan for surgery at this time. What I’m really disappointed about is that I got hurt because I won the competition. There’s no doubt. It was a done deal.”

You can file those comments under the category of – fuel to the fire.

I definitely respect the competitive nature of Sanchez’s comments and he probably was going to be the Jets’ starting QB, but why say something like that now? Clearly, even if his rehab goes 100 percent to plan, the Sanchize is still going to miss several more weeks of action. Geno Smith is the team’s signal-caller and he’ll keep his job as long as the results are there on the field.

It’s great that Sanchez is determined to get his old job back, but saying what he did, after the fact, is just counterproductive for the Jets as a team. They need everybody behind Smith at this point and even though Sanchez will no doubt support the rookie when he can, there could now be a permanent rift between the two because of the timing of these comments.


Surgery is Ultimately the Best Option For Mark Sanchez, On Many Levels


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