Philadelphia Eagles Are Playing for Chip Kelly

By Matt Shaner
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It started with LeSean McCoy. He put on a display worthy of being the leading rusher in the league this week. Jason Avant, even with the fumble, sacrificed his body to pick up a critical first down. Michael Vick ran and dove for valuable yards. The defense, led by Mychal Kendricks and Cary Williams, played with a fire not seen since the days of Jim Johnson. Throughout the game, a face became clear.

This team believes in Chip Kelly. They are playing for Kelly and they have bought into this system.

Let that sink in for a moment. No one thought they would come out looking this clean and organized. They picked up the pace and moved the football. The second half was a different story that, as the season progresses, Kelly should iron out as he learns to keep the pedal down and finish out games. You saw players move without doubt or confusion. You saw attitude and confidence.

These critical things were missing from the Andy Reid Era. Last year, if a game went down by a touchdown that fast, it was a lost cause. This team has fight. They have spirit and have embraced this much-needed change. The last of the Reid bandwagon need to leave the city as Kelly will continue to prove them wrong.

With the next two games, one being a huge showdown with Reid at Lincoln Financial Field, the Philadelphia Eagles could go into the Denver with a 3-0 record. At the moment, the city should enjoy this win and get ready for a wild ride this season.

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