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Pittsburgh Steelers Convinced Nothing Wrong with Process

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Pittsburgh Steelers Convinced Nothing Wrong with Process

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The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered an unexpected loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 1. Even though the local media and the fans were sent into frenzy over the defeat, the Steelers have remained calm. The reason for this is because the players understand that there is nothing wrong with the process. In fact, the players will be the first to say that the loss was due to the team’s inability to execute on game day.

“If people were changing, if people were starting to shift, make decisions that they normally wouldn’t make, change things about their routine, that would make me nervous because that means you feel like there’s something wrong with your process,” safety Ryan Clark said, according to “But there’s nothing wrong with the (Steelers’) process. Coach (Mike) Tomlin’s been the same; the players have been the same. We all understand that if you follow the protocol coach Tomlin has set in place you can win games that way. I think the biggest thing for me is everyone staying steady and ready to work.”

Some people still want to figure out how the Steelers allowed the Titans to win the game. The fact is one quick look at the box score and it is not that difficult to figure out. The most important part about the loss is that it is now in the rearview mirror. Pittsburgh has already watched the film and figured out how to improve. The focus is now on the Cincinnati Bengals, instead of what they did not do right in the Week 1 defeat.

Monday Night Football will be a great opportunity for the Steelers to get back on track. A win against an AFC North opponent in a division that saw all four teams lose last week could do wonders for Pittsburgh’s confidence. There is no question it will be a difficult matchup as the Bengals are a very talented team. With that being said, the Steelers should have some areas where they can take advantage.

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