Rob Gronkowski Can't Hurry Back Fast Enough For Depleted New England Patriots

By Devin O'Barr
Rob Gronkowski
Stew Milne – USA TODAY sports

Anyone who has seen the first half of the New England Patriots versus New York Jets‘ game knows that dropped passes have been more common than touchdowns. An extremely sloppy contest, both Geno Smith and Tom Brady have got to be frustrated with their wide receivers. New York is accustomed to such ineptitude, but the Pats usually rank towards the bottom of the NFL when it comes to drops.

While both sides are fielding rather inexperienced offensive weapons, New England is the only team that has an All-Pro tight end waiting in the wings. Rob Gronkowski hinted at playing in Week 2, but it’s becoming more and more likely that his return will come in the Pats’ Week 3 battle versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When an established guy like “the Gronk” is on the field, it’s only natural for New England’s offense to be leaps and bounds more cohesive.

Gronkowski coming back to action is probably the only thing from Brady stomping his Uggs-covered feet and complaining to Patriots’ management. No. 12 verbally showed his anger in Thursday’s night’s game as rookie wide receivers like Aaron Dobson were directly and indirectly scolded on the sideline.

However, when a veteran like Gronkowski comes back to the field Brady shouldn’t have to worry about him running the wrong route. While the Pats don’t want to force an injured Gronkowski back too soon, Brady is just begging for someone in a New England uniform to run the offensive scheme correctly.

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