San Francisco 49ers: O-Line Will Be Tested By Seattle Seahawks

By Lucas Carreras
49ers O-Line to be tested
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The last time the San Francisco 49ers visited the Seattle Seahawks at Century Link Field was in Week 16 of the 2012 season where on a rainy Sunday night game, the Seahawks soundly defeated the 49ers 42-13 in a game that was over by halftime. In a game where every 49ers had a good game, the offensive line as a unit struggled. This upcoming Sunday night in the Week 2 game between the NFC West division foes, the 49ers offensive line will have to step up and play well if the 49ers are to win the game.

The crowd at Century Link Field is regarded as being one of and quite possibly the nosiest crowd in all of the NFL. As a result of its ability to get louder than many rock concerts, this has wreaked havoc with opposition offensive lines who have had numerous false starts as a result. The 49ers offensive line was no different in last season’s game as they had a few false starts and while Colin Kaepernick was not sacked, he was rushed and hit on several occasions during the game, which made Kaepernick feel uneasy in the pocket during most of the game.

In the 49ers’ Week 1 game against the Green Bay Packers, the 49ers offensive line had a good game as despite Kaepernick having been sacked twice, the ability to give Kaepernick a clean pocket for most of his dropbacks allowed Kaepernick to pass for a career-high 412 yards. While the 49ers rushing attack struggled to be as effective as the passing attack, the 49ers were still able to rush for 90 yards and when it needed, the offensive line was able to get the push necessary for the 49ers running backs to pick up the necessary yardage to pick up first downs or score a touchdown.

As far as the defense they will be going up against, the Seahawks have one of the best in the league. In their Week 1 win over the Carolina Panthers, the Seahawks defense held Cam Newton in check as he was only able to pass for 119 yards. While the Panthers were able to rush for 124 yards, it was able to stop the Panthers when they needed stops to eventually allow the Seahawks to do enough to eventually win the game.

It is never easy to go and face a defensive line the caliber of the Seahawks, but throw in the 12th Man at Century Link Field, and the scenario for the 49ers offensive line becomes more of a challenge. On Sunday night, the 49ers offensive line will be tested as they must deal with facing a tough, talented and nasty Seahawks defensive line, but they must also deal with the loud crowd who will be intent on making their task much more difficult, if not near impossible.

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