Short Week Will Benefit New England Patriots More Than New York Jets

By Jared Smith
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots and New York Jets, who both played early on Sunday afternoon, will square off on a short week in the Thursday night game. Both teams will have the same amount of time off between games, and the Jets’ only disadvantage is they needed to travel to Foxboro, but that is not a big factor.

With the experience of both teams and the lack of experience of the Jets rookie QB Geno Smith, the Patriots should be more comfortable coming into the Thursday game and have an advantage regardless of all the injuries they have.

The Patriots are one of the younger teams in the league and have more rookies than most, but they have the players and the experience to be ready with minimal practice. The core of the Patriots’ defense is young, but they all have been under Bill Belichick for years now, and they know how these things go. With great veteran leaders like Vince Wilfork on defense, he will have the young players ready to go come Thursday.

This is a big thing come kickoff against the Jets. It is no secret that the offense is not only young, but struggling with injuries, so like in the early 2000s when the Patriots were on top, the defense will need to be a major factor not only in this game, but for the entire season.

Though the offense is young and may need to rely more on the defense this year, the one major factor in all this is Tom Brady. Regardless who he is throwing the ball to when the game starts, he will have them ready. They are a young offense with a lot of new faces who are coming off of a week with no full contact practices and only walkthroughs.

With Kenbrell Thomkins looking a bit lost in Week 1, you know Brady will make sure not only Thomkins, but the rest of the offense is ready to go.

The Jets are a young team as well, but the biggest factor here is that they have a rookie QB who just got lucky enough to squeak out a win in Week 1. Coming into Gillette Stadium on a short week is going to be a completely different animal for the second-round draft pick.

There is a lot of preparation for short weeks especially when you are matched up against a great team, and this will most likely be a learning experience for him and the Jets, who hope that Smith can be the QB they build around for the future.

The Patriots are heavy favorites in this game, but in football, both teams have a chance on any given Sunday … or in this case, Thursday. The Patriots will have to take the Jets seriously and play their best game to win. With an experienced team like New England, they should be ready to go.

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