Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman Era Seems To Be Headed for An Ugly Ending

By Andrew Fisher

We all knew that Josh Freeman was going to be under a tremendous amount of pressure this season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ quarterback is going into a contract year, which was by design from the team. The Bucs opted not to re-up Freeman last year and instead, have basically told him to prove it. To make sure they had a solid plan-B in place, the team went out and selected QB Mike Glennon in this year’s draft. You don’t have to be a football insider to see the writing on the wall in Tampa right now.

But even with all that’s happened in the past year between Freeman and the Bucs, it’s still unquestionably his team.

Things didn’t get off to great start for Freeman in week one, though, as he had to watch his defense give up a heartbreaking game-winning field as time expired. But at the same time, his stat line also left much to be desired. The QB completed only 15 of 31 pass attempts for 210 yards.

Fast forward to Thursday, and now we have Freeman in the headlines after apologizing for an off the field incident. The QB explained his absence from a team photo shoot last Monday by revealing that he overslept. On top of that, Freeman has lost his ‘captain’ status with the Bucs shortly before the 2013 season began (some believe the voting was rigged by head coach Greg Schiano).

So given all of this information, the conclusion I’m drawing is that Freeman’s tenure in Tampa is going to end badly. The only way this can be avoided? Winning. We all know that winning cures everything in sports, but based on the way Tampa looked in week one, I don’t know how many wins they realistically have in their future. It’s early, but it’s seeming more and more likely that 2013 will indeed be Freeman’s last season as a Buc.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Apparently Falling Apart At the Seams


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