The Buffalo Bills are the Worst Team in the NFL

By ericbeuning
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Outside of the loyal cadre of Buffalo Bills fans living in the Buffalo area, I’m guessing there were about four other people on the planet that felt confident about the Bills quarterback situation coming into week one. Those four people would be the parents of Jeff Tuel and E.J. Manuel.

The Doug Marrone era in Buffalo has splattered like a wet fart in the underpants of Bills hopefuls starting with the 2013 NFL Draft.  Supposedly Kevin Kolb was brought in to be a mentor and place keeper for first rounder Manuel. The problem is Kolb could use a mentor himself. It was a question that didn’t need answering after Kolb’s egg shell of a skull soaked up another concussion.

A quick look at the Bills roster and once again we are confronted by a team that is trying to rebuild and restock the pantry at some positions while getting older and more battered at other positions. A rookie quarterback carousel consisting of an undrafted free agent and a first rounder who red flagged all NFL draft boards as being a developmental player have very little chance of leading a team to 8-8, let alone a playoff berth.

This means you’re asking the running game and defense to hold up a team in hopes of holding up a Lombardi Trophy. God bless C.J. Spiller, he’s a talented running back who has managed to bulk up and toughen up to be able to run between the tackles. Behind him we find an aged and injury-prone Fred Jackson and a yet to be a factor on any team, Tashard Choice.

If Spiller so much as sprains an ankle, the guys behind him on the depth chart are more likely to sink than swim.

This means the last great hope for the Bills to keep from sinking into the NFL’s cellar in 2013 rests on the defense. In 2012, the Bills defense ranked 22nd overall. Ranking 10th against the pass would open a ray of hope if not for the fact that they were 31st against the run. What this ultimately means is that an opposing team needs to only get up a little bit on the Bills and they can turn to the gashing them with the run to grind the clock away and force one of the two rookie quarterbacks to try and beat them.

This is a team too young for an emotional college coach to lead to a winning season. Maybe time will tell, but that time is not now.

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