Can Philadelphia Eagles' Offense Go Even faster?

By Ryan Wenzell
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles ran a blistering 53 plays in the first half, the most by a team since 1998. Chip Kelly‘s reaction to that pace? “I thought it was slow.” A staggering statement for a man who talks fast, prepares fast and obviously wants to play fast.

I can’t see how the Eagles could go any faster than they did in that historic half on Monday night. Apparently, coach Kelly thinks otherwise. What he is doing is certainly groundbreaking in the sport. As fast as teams like the New England Patriots went last year, the sort of pace Kelly wants to play at dwarfs even that.

The offense was so frantic that many players, including quarterback Michael Vick swore it was half time at the end of the first quarter. There were certainly enough plays for an entire half of football. This type of offense does more than keep a defense on its heels. It completely wears and gasses them out.

Veterans like London Fletcher and Brian Orakpo were on their knees by the time the quarter was finished. As tired as some of the offensive players looked after a half of play, you can multiply that tenfold for teams that have to defend this blur of an offense.

Kelly is a perfectionist. If he wants it faster, it will be faster. It is hard to envision them sustaining this sort of pace for 16 games but if any man can pull it off, it is coach Kelly.

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