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Dallas Cowboys: 5 Players Who Will Stumble In Week 2

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Dallas Cowboys: Five Players Who Will Stumble In Week 2

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Much to the chagrin of fans from of other NFL franchises, the Dallas Cowboys have been called "America's Team" for quite a long time. Whenever it comes to offering up an objective critique of their home team, fans of the franchise are often found wanting in the category of unbiased opinion, especially when it comes to the play of some of their favorite players. On Sunday, the Cowboys barely scraped out a win over a New York Giants football team they should have beaten by three touchdowns.

However, late game mistakes by New York allowed the Cowboys to come away with a 36-31 victory. This was due in large part to six turnovers, including three fumbles the Cowboys were able to force. This week, the Boys in blue take on a revamped Kansas City Chiefs team whose confidence is flying high after they handily trounced the Jacksonville Jaguars in a defensive shutout which was highlighted by the exceptional play of their front seven. That could spell big trouble for a Cowboys team whose offensive balance was non-existent during the first game of the season. This slideshow is a list of five Cowboys who may stumble should Kansas City bring its A-game on Sunday.

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5. Orlando Scandrick

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Orlando Scandrick has proven to be an above-average cover corner for most of his career, but couldn't tackle a receiver if they were rolled up in Saran Wrap together. In Sunday's win over the Giants, Scandrick was used as the nickel corner in the Cowboys' Tampa 2 scheme. But with the injury to starting cornerback Morris Claiborne, Scandrick may start, whether or not Claiborne plays. Though the Chiefs aren't going to field a pass-heavy offense on Sunday, look for them to target whoever Orlando is covering when they do pass, as he was beaten by Victor Cruz on several occasions last week.

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4. DeMarcus Ware

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Kansas City starts the second youngest offensive line in the NFL, but that didn't seem to hurt them last week, and I don't see their relative inexperience being a problem this week either. LT Branden Albert will be counted on to keep DeMarcus Ware off Alex Smith's back, and that is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. Ware had no tackles against the Giants, but was active with his hands in the Eli Manning's passing lanes and even batted one down. Yes, he caught an interception, but was left to starve while teammates feasted on a banquet of tackling opportunities. I don't see him getting another INT two games in a row, but I do expect another low tackle output from Ware with Big Albert laying his paws on him.

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3. Dez Bryant

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This is Dez Bryant's fourth year in the NFL, and aside from some questionable off-field decisions he's made in the past, the young man has largely lived up to the hype as being one of the most physically imposing receivers in the NFL. All that aside, Bryant will be hampered by a ankle injury suffered last week. He's currently listed as questionable for the game against KC, but his competitive fire will drive him on to the field more likely than not.

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2. Tony Romo

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The key to getting to QB Tony Romo is pressure -- lots and lots of pressure. KC's linebackers are looking lean and fast. AFC Player of the Week LB Justin Houstin may not have another three-sack game this week, but he'll get in the backfield more often than the Giants' LBs did. Do I even need to mention Pro Bowler Tamba Hall? I didn't, but I did anyway. I see more scrambling from Tony Romo this week than last. I also see those scrambles leading to turnovers in the form of fumbles and interceptions. While the Chiefs did have trouble with scrambling quarterbacks during the preseason, I believe head coach Andy Reid has largely remedied that problem by stressing to his players to not allow Romo to break contain.

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1. Bill Callahan

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Okay, I know this is a bit of a cop-out seeing as though he's the offensive coordinator and not a player, but I feel like Bill Callahan's offensive play-calling will still be lopsided in favor of the pass come kickoff. I am not saying it will be a problem for the rest of the season, but I suspect the Cowboys might run even fewer times against Kansas City than they did against New York. Especially if KC is successful in stopping the run in the first half.

Kansas City knows they must pitch a perfect defensive game to win, but Dallas can take a lickin' and keep on tickin' for the win. But, it won't be due to a suddenly synchronized offensive play-calling from Callahan.