DeSean Jackson Puts Philadelphia Eagles Offense Over the Top

By Ryan Wenzell
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When people talk about the Philadelphia Eagles, they talk about Chip Kelly‘s razzle-dazzle offense and the dominant running game displayed so far this season from LeSean McCoy, the league leader in rushing by a wide margin after Week 1.

What makes this offense really go? DeSean Jackson. Jackson opens up everything for the offense. The worry that coordinators and players have about Jackson beating them over the top allows for running lanes and room for McCoy and his offensive mates to work with. Jackson is also deadly in this offense on bubble screens and intermediate routes, which let him work in space and use his run-after-the-catch skills.

Jackson is a special talent — there is no way around that. However, his head didn’t seem to be in the game the last few years. It was almost as if he knew he was being underutilized in Andy Reid‘s west coast offensive scheme. It didn’t look like he or many of his offensive teammates were having very much fun.

Kelly, on the other hand, had to be salivating at the opportunity to work with Jackson. He moved him around everywhere on Monday night, and he was a mismatch in every sense of the word. Jackson’s line in his first game in this new offense? seven catches 104 yards and a touchdown. Not too shabby for a player still getting acclimated to all the nuances this offense presents.

Jackson said he was having fun again after the game. It was a sentiment echoed by pretty much everyone on offense. Fun is something defenses won’t be having in coming weeks facing Jackson and this offense.

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