Geno Smith Not Fully To Blame For New York Jets' Offensive Struggles In Week 2

By Matthew Solomon
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 of the NFL season kicked off with a marquee matchup between the New York Jets and New England Patriots. This meeting between the two clubs didn’t exactly live up to the hype of past matchups, with the Patriots coming away with a sloppy 13-10 win.

Both teams had trouble on this day hanging onto the football. Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith at times looked okay, but also struggled a little for the second straight week. Yes, he did throw three interceptions and went without throwing a touchdown, but Smith isn’t totally at fault in this game. His wide receivers didn’t help his case much.

Aside from the three late interceptions, Smith looked a little more confident than he did in Week 1. He showed composure in the pocket and toughness after taking some big hits. He made some big throws when he had to, but unfortunately the Jets’ wide receivers had a hard time holding on to the football.

Clyde Gates had a dreadful game, having a couple of drops and trapping the ball on what would have been a touchdown. Sure, Gates had two catches for 42 yards, but his miscues overshadowed those grabs.

Stephen Hill had an awful fumble combined with a couple of drops. Yeah, Hill had the best numbers out of the receivers, catching four passes for 86 yards, but the fumble at midfield and the dropped passes overshadowed the good that he did.

Even fan favorite Ryan Spadola got into the mix with a big drop. The Jets’ receiving was borderline embarrassing and was saved by Santonio Holmes, who came up with a couple of big grabs. Holmes has been a decent target the first couple of games, but the Jets haven’t really been utilizing him the way they should.

It was also worth noting that the absence of Jeremy Kerley had an effect on the offense. Kerley suffered a concussion in Week 1, and was unavailable against the Patriots. That had an impact on the game, as Kerley has been used very effectively as a slot receiver.

The lack of effective pass catchers is becoming more apparent by the week. I’ve been saying this for a long time now — I don’t care who is at quarterback, if you don’t have solid receivers to work with, it’s going to be tough to win.

Just look at what happened to Tom Brady. Brady came into this game with an injured receiving corps, which meant having to use a bunch of rookies to catch passes. Brady was having as much trouble communicating with his receivers as Smith was with the Jets.

Overall, Smith and the offensive line played well enough to win the game. What did the Jets in, on this night, was the lack of proven playmakers and solid receivers.

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