Jacksonville Jaguars: Fans Start Tim Tebow to Jags Website; Why Not?

Tim Tebow

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You knew it was only going to be a matter of time before Jacksonville Jaguars‘ fans started to bring up the elephant in the room – Tim Tebow. I didn’t think it would happen just one game into the 2013 season, but after the way the Jags looked in the season opener, I guess I can’t blame them. So how have some of the Jacksonville faithful started this campaign? They’ve created a new website – jags-tebow.com. The main question on the page simply asks, why not?

While I’m not ready to say it’s Tebow-Time for the Jaguars after one loss this season, the main question is very valid. Why not? It’s too soon to say for sure that Jacksonville is going to tank again in 2013, but the smart money is that they will. If the team comes out and gets handled by the Oakland Raiders this weekend, I think it will be pretty clear there’s not a lot of hope.

For a team that’s not filling its stadium every week, bringing in Tebow would be a great move. Even if he can’t make them a winning team (which would be one heck of a task), he would still bring much needed attention to the struggling franchise.

I, like a lot of people, have maintained that Jacksonville is the only realistic spot for Tebow as an NFL quarterback. The Jaguars make the most sense because their QB situation can’t really get any worse and of course there’s the fact that Tebow is from the Jacksonville area and would basically act as a hometown hero.

If the Jaguars go 0-4 to start the season, why not?

Tebow to Jaguars

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  • Me Wise Magic

    My brother was three years old with the Jacksonville Jaguars
    played their first game. He is now married and has a one year old son and has
    never seen the Jaguars go to the Superbowl. It takes a team, not just one man.
    But, we know Tim will leave nothing on the field week in and week out. No
    “one season and done” either – long term deal so both he and the team
    can have security. Lets make this happen! Coach Bradley – don’t be the second
    coach from the movie “Rudy.” Remember when the Notre Dame players came
    in and said, “let Rudy dress in my place coach.” We are right in the
    middle of a modern day “Rudy” type saga and future motion picture.
    The script is literally writing itself as we speak. This is the karate kid,
    Rudy, Miracle, Rocky, Over The Top, Chariots of Fire, Invincible, The Natural,
    Cinderella Man, & Million Dollar Baby all rolled into one. Do the right
    thing gentlemen and lets make history.

  • Asteras

    Sometimes the best business decision is making a good business decision. Swallow your pride and sign the young man. Most Jags fans are for it or at least open to the idea. The energy in that stadium would be electric like never before. My first NFL game was the inaugural Jags game and I have never been so disappointed with the Jags. Throw us a bone. Give us a leader. There aren’t any in the Jags entire organization right now and that is what we need. Tebow is a better quarterback than both Gabbert and Henne if you look at first downs, touch downs, completion/interceptions, wins/losses, and playoff games played/won proportionately. Do us a favor and make it fun to be a Jaguars fan again. Don’t just throw the season away without trying something bold like this. You’ve already thrown the last 5 years away. The rebuilding excuse is used up. Bring Tim Tebow home!

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