Jacksonville Jaguars: Tim Tebow? Thanks But No Thanks

By Karim Akbar
Jacksonville Jaguars Would Be Foolish Not To Sign Tim Tebow
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I totally get the argument that signing Tim Tebow would put some fannies in the seats. His presence alone generates buzz. I also agree that Tebow would be a serious upgrade over what the Jacksonville Jaguars have now in Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert. And that’s saying a lot.

But if the Jags wanted to sign Tebow. they should have made that choice then — and I don’t mean at the draft, I’m talking before he joined the New York Jets. It was obvious Jacksonville was a better fit for Tebow then, but new management chose to stay away from the media fiasco. They would probably change their minds now.

Signing Tebow would also prove what everyone else already knows: that team management is seriously botching every move they make. This franchise is a running joke now. Adding Tebow to the quarterback mix in Florida would only dampen Blaine Gabbert‘s future further while Chad Henne and Tebow would likely become nothing more than clipboard-holding expensive backups.

Gabbert was supposed to be the man, and he isn’t. Henne was the stopgap, but he might lose that role too if the team signs Tebow. The Jaguars have a whole host of problems outside of quarterback that they need to address — something that can’t be fixed in the middle of a season. I know he played his Saturdays here, but he shouldn’t be there on Sundays.

The rebuild in Jacksonville has begun and will continue to manifest itself over the next season or two. Adding Tebow would be an appeal to the fans, and the fans really may be the deciding factor. A petition to coax the Jags into signing Tebow has started, and we all know the momentum that can be created behind him.

Sure, that all sounds great, but can he throw? I didn’t think so. Thanks, but no thanks.

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