Jacksonville Jaguars Would Be Foolish Not To Sign Tim Tebow

By Michael Terrill
Jacksonville Jaguars Would Be Foolish Not To Sign Tim Tebow
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the laughing stock of the NFL. I give credit to the fans who believe in their beloved team, but the fact is ownership and management has ruined the Jaguars. To have the quarterback situation they are currently in is a disgrace considering they saw what they had last year. I am not saying Tim Tebow is guaranteed to make a difference, but if anything else, the signal caller would put fans in the stands and give the team a chance to win.

Magic Johnson tweeted the following after Jacksonville’s embarrassing 28-2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1:

“If the Jaguars are going to only score two points they might as well call Tim Tebow!”

This is exactly what is on the mind of every single Jaguars fan. How could Tebow be any worse than the effort put forth by Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne? Tebow at least inspires his teammates to raise their level of play when he is the one calling shots under center.

The Jaguars are sitting on a potential gold mind. Tebow is the answer to their prayers, if only they would be willing to deal with the circus that comes along with him. At this point, the team has nothing to lose. Do they really believe they have a legitimate shot at winning any football games this season? No one is going to come to the games. No free agent will want to sign with the team. More importantly, running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who is the only player on the team that shines, is already counting the days until he leaves town.

Seriously, let me be the owner of the Jaguars. I would sign Tebow in a heartbeat, take my money to the bank and enjoy some unexpected success because that is what he does. Tebow is one of the most successful college quarterbacks of all-time. He led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs in a year they were not supposed to go, and then he helped them defeat the defending AFC champions. If only the New York Jets gave him a shot they would not be stuck with a rookie quarterback that looks completely lost under the bright lights.

I have met several fans in Jacksonville that desperately want the Jaguars to be good. I cannot even begin to describe how many would love to see Tebow on Sunday’s because they understand he gives them a better chance of winning than the current jokes that call themselves NFL quarterbacks.

I still do not understand how it has taken Jacksonville this long to sign him. They should have pulled the trigger on the trade with Denver when they had the chance a year ago.

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