New York Giant Dodge a Bullet As Prince Amukamara Looks Good to Go

By Jay Cullen
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants were in big trouble. With Stevie Brown done for the year, they seemed to have just lost their top corner to a concussion, but it seems that Prince Amukamara will play on Sunday. Tom Coughlin had said during the week that if Amukamara played in practice, he would play in the game.

Amukamara is practicing Friday, suggesting he should be good to go.

The Giants will need him on Sunday against an incredible Denver Broncos offense. The offense has three great wide receivers in Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker. The Giant will have trouble slowing them down as it is, but it would have been even worse without their top guy.

Last week, the Giants defense used the strategy of taking away the deep threat (Dez Bryant) and giving Miles Austin space. It resulted in Tony Romo only having short throws and averaging just 5.0 yards a pass. If the Giants implement the same procedure, Amukamara will likely be going toe-to-toe with Thomas and letting Manning take short passes to Welker and Decker.

What makes sense about this approach for the Giants is that it matches what kinds of talent they have. Terrell Thomas, Antrel Rolle and Ryan Mundy are all good open field tacklers. Forcing short throws and letting them make plays is easier on them then expecting each to make plays on islands with no help.

Regardless of the game plan, Amukamara will be a big help for the Giants on Sunday.

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