New York Jets Offense Let Them Down In Loss To New England Patriots

By Steven Carollo
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

After an impressive Week 1 for rookie quarterback Geno Smith and the New York Jets, they continued to impress again in Week 2 on Thursday Night Football against the New England Patriots. Unfortunately, it was only the Jets’ defense that did the impressing.

The Jets fell to the Patriots 13-10 in an extremely sloppy game for both teams, which is very rare for the Patriots. When that occurs, the opposition must capitalize and the Jets failed in doing that. To the surprise of many the Jets were in the game throughout its entirety. The game was there for the Jets’ taking. but their offense let them down.

That said, Smith should not receive all, or even most of the blame. He did not play horribly even though he did throw three interceptions, and maybe he would have had more passing yards than what he ended up with if somebody on the Jets could actually catch a football.

The amount of dropped passes by the Jets receivers, especially Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates, was an astounding six, and most of them, if not all, were in key first down and even touchdown situations.

The Jets’ defense, on the other hand, played amazingly after their early defensive lapse. Many would argue that if that defensive lapse never occurred then the Jets would have won, but I do not think that is a fair assessment. The defense did everything they could to keep the Jets in the game and with the amount of mistakes the offense made, you have to give the Jets’ defense a break.

I mean, after the Patriots’ first offensive drive, the Jets’ defense held the Patriots and Tom Brady to only six points for the rest of the game.

Giving up only 13 points to the Patriots is usually a very rare occurrence and when that happens, teams have to take advantage on offense and win those games at all costs. If not, then you just let one of the best opportunities you will ever have slip through your fingers, which the Jets offense did figuratively and literally in last night’s loss in Foxboro.

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