Patriots Need Better From Tom Brady

By Dustin Manko
Tom Brady
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Tom Brady is a winner, no doubt about it. He has five Super Bowl appearances, three Super Bowl wins and two Super Bowl MVP awards. He has been named to the Pro Bowl eight times. He has a career record of 138-39, and has thrown for 6,049 yards and 337 touchdowns, among numerous other awards.

During Thursday night’s game against the New York Jets, Brady was seen on the sidelines screaming at teammates, hanging his head, and acting like a pouty child after being told he can’t have a new toy. While Brady clearly has a right to be frustrated with the performances of his receiving corps thus far in the season, he needs to remember that he is the leader of the New England Patriots, one of the faces of the franchise and the NFL.

Brady also needs to remember that his teammates look to him to set the tone and lead the way. While I find yelling in sports acceptable to a certain point, Brady needs to remember that the goal of the Pats isn’t to win a week two match against the Jets, but to win another Super Bowl. Last time I checked, you don’t accomplish that in September.

I get his frustrations. For the first time in a long time, Brady is without his security blanket in Wes Welker. He is without his favorite red zone threat Rob Gronkowski. He is never again going to be able to find Aaron Hernandez running down the sideline. Brady now needs to learn to function with rookies Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson. He needs to get on the same page with Stevan Ridley and LeGarrette Blount.

Just last week in the opener, Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson dropped a sure fire catch that could have ended the game. A shot of the sidelines didn’t reveal rookie E.J. Manuel screaming at his teammate, but supporting him. Johnson even mentioned after the game how impressed he was with Manuel’s ablilty to overcome adversity and rally the troops. If a rookie in his first game can get that, why can’t a 14 year pro?

They say the true measure of a man is not how he acts when all is right, but how he acts when everything around him is in chaos. If that is the case, Brady needs to learn that this act of shouting and pouting simply won’t measure up.

As always, I welcome your comments. If you think I’m wrong, I’m willing to listen. Just back it up with some facts and solid evidence. Thanks for reading and good luck this season.

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