Running Game the Foundation of Philadelphia Eagle Offense

By Ryan Wenzell
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Much is made of Chip Kelly‘s exotic offensive formations and frenetic pace at the line of scrimmage. What Kelly does, however, revolves around what has won games since the invention of football which is run the rock.

The Philadelphia Eagles ran the ball an astounding 49 times last Monday. They had more attempts in Kelly’s first game as Eagles head coach than they did in any game during Andy Reid‘s 13-year tenure as the head coach. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Kelly has loved to run the ball ever since college. He has great depth at the running back position in Philly with LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown, and Chris Polk, so if teams leave a safety deep to cover DeSean Jackson and Kelly sees only six or seven man boxes it is a no brainer for him to run the ball with his talented trio of ball carriers.

McCoy is one of the best talents at the running back in the league, and there is little disputing that. It was evidenced by his numerous dazzling runs on Monday Night that made NFL defenders look like they were in the pee wee league. However, he seemed gassed at points in the game. Although you hate to ever see McCoy off the field and not touching the football, Kelly and his staff have to be better incorporate their other two talented backs so McCoy can go and feel fresh for 16 games and potentially beyond.

On this night the running game looked dominant. That is something Philly fans have been craving for a while and they finally got it.

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