St. Louis Rams Are The Worst Team In The NFL

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I love head coach Jeff Fisher. I love his body of work. I love his philosophy of the game. I love his smash mouth style of play. I loved it when he signed on as the head coach of St. Louis Rams. When he let slip the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft last year, I was completely willing to look at it as the move of a strategic mastermind.

As J.D. Souther said “Time Passes… Things Change” and all too often, the NFL stands for “Not For Long.”

What have the Rams actually gotten out of the deal that sent Robert Griffen III away? Well for one, it means they stuck with a quarterback in Sam Bradford who has a 58.6 percent completion percentage, averaging 225 yards per game and only one season as a starter when he had more touchdowns than interceptions.

In the form of picks, they have so far gotten Michael Brockers who has managed four career sacks, Janoris Jenkins who has managed four career interceptions and Rokevious Watkins, who was released only to sign with the Chiefs. And of course, the perfect blend of talent and character issues that is Isaiah Pead.

In this time, we have also seen hard-running Steven Jackson shipped out of town and the fragile yet gutsy Danny Amendola delivered with a pretty pink bow to the New England Patriots.

At the start of the 2013 season. we find a Rams team with Chris Givens as the top receiver paired with rookie Tavon Austin, and a stable of undersized and underperforming running backs to go with a defense that has managed to rise to middling, thanks to the defensive line.

The Rams are supposed to be a team rebuilding and on the rise, but this much youth with only a handful of wins with just Jared Cook as the only high-value weapon added to the team feels like Fisher is a step too slow in the long game in an ever-competitive NFC West.

The Rams may have squeaked out a victory in Week 1 against the rebranded Arizona Cardinals, but this smells like the beginning of a very long and painful season.

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  • Chris Ramsey

    This is a joke article right? Worst team in the league? Worse than the jags? Bradford’s rookie yr he went 18tds to 15 ints. Injury-plagued 2nd yr he went 6td 6int. Last yr 22 td 13 int. who’d we get in the rg3 trade? Jenkins had 4 defensive tds as a ROOKIE! Brockers had 4 sacks as a rookie DT! Givens was one of the best rookie receivers last yr! Dude I’m not even gonna continue. This article is so flawed there’s no way it isn’t a joke. None of this makes sense.

  • Brian

    Are you saying 4 sacks for a rookie DEFENSIVE TACKLE is bad? That’s not even his job and he had 4 as a rookie. (in 13 games)

    Are you saying 4 interceptions for a rookie CB playing the other team’s best WR every game is bad? If 11th in the league in interceptions as a rookie is bad, you’re right.

    You also conveniently forgot to mention Alec Ogletree and Stedman Bailey as players drafted with picks from that trade. Ogletree had 8 tackles in his first game.

    There’s also one more 1st rounder coming back. And by the way they looked Monday, it might be a pretty high pick.

  • Paul

    Just another case of a blog writer who can’t do proper research and writes based on his limited knowledge. Brockers was rated last week as one of the top DT in week one. Nice wrong stats on Bradford too.

    Interesting how all his articles are “Worst Team In The NFL” To quote Christopher Lambert from Highlander “There Can Only Be One!”

    Don’t give up your day job.

  • Versay Kennell

    I respect everyone’s opinion. BUT this is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. 7 wins last season with 4 coming against the NFC West. Down 11 points in the forth quarter and made a come back. The worst team in the NFL wouldn’t be able to do that against anyone. I’m not saying we are a playoff team because its way to early to tell. But to go as far to say we are the worst team is ridiculous. Jacksonville has no QB and Jets have a QB who threw 3 picks in the first quarter. Rams tied for the lead in sacks last year and came up with 4 in week 1. Yeah it’s against the cardinals but sacks are sacks. With guys piling up 20+ sacks at the end of the season no one says “oh he had 3 games of 3 sacks or more” W is a W. Yes Jackson is in Atlanta and amendola played 11 games last year so tell me what significant lost besides Jackson. We were bad with Jackson for many years so he’s not the player that’s going to heavily change the score of the game. Maybe your next article will be better then this one. I respect your opinion but no valid points.

  • Matt Un

    this article is a complete joke. As mentioned below, Janoris Jenkins had 4 TDs as a rookie, Brockers has proven to be a dominant force in the middle and both Janoris and Alec Ogletree wouldve been a top 15 picks if they didnt have some issues in college. The Rams still have one more draft pick from the Redskins, and have absolutely killed it in the draft the past few years. You are emphasizing statistics WAYYY too much. DTs are not drafted to get double digit sacks. They are drafted to disrupt the run and get attention in the middle to free up ends and linebackers, which Brockers does an excellent job of doing. It was tough seeing Danny Amendola go, but i would much rather have Tavon on my team than Danny. And ill admit that it sucked to lose Jackson, but running backs are a dime a dozen (excluding Peterson) Although Sam might not be as good as RG3, its been proven it takes a team to win a superbowl, not a QB. Im in no way saying that they are a superbowl team, but they are definitely in the top 50% in the NFL (as about 80% of experts would agree)

    Also, if you’re forgetting, The Niners couldn’t beat the Rams last year, and the Seahawks split with them, and they have only gotten MUCH better since last year. Doesn’t really sound like the makings for the worst team in the NFL.

  • Noellee

    Yet another example of someone trying to stir the pot in his mediocre attempt to “sell newspapers.” Must be a Miami fish fan who’s still fuming about losing out on Fisher and Jake Long or could he be a SF Whiner fan. Dood what rock have you been hiding under?

  • Rams

    This article gave me HIV. Eric, I’m 95% sure you didn’t get paid for writing this.