Weather Major Factor In Sloppy Thursday Night Game

By Jared Smith
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

An ugly game. That is all that can be said about the Thursday night New England Patriots and New York Jets game. In an overall slow game with a lot of miscues from both offenses there are a lot of things that contributed to this. The weather was the first and a major factor, especially during the second half. Mixed with the inexperience of both offenses, the second half was one of if not the sloppiest that we will see all year. The rain was everywhere, the field was slippery and as a result, everyone, and I mean everyone had trouble catching the ball.

There are many people that are just completely blaming the receivers for the ugly game last night, but there are many things to point to here. The ball was slippery in the first place; and I don’t care if you are Aaron Dobson or Calvin Johnson, when it rains that hard, it is going have an effect on the ability to catch the football. Now I am not completely taking Dobson or Kenbrell Thompkins off the hook because they needed to make some of those catches, and a couple of the big drops came before the rain got bad in the second half. With that said, these guys are only rookies;Thompkins is only playing in his second game and Dobson in his first.

Dobson was getting separation and was targeted 10 times. That means Tom Brady was happy with some of the things he was doing out there, but with experience he will gain confidence. A guy who had outstanding hands in college will start making plays. I am not about to give up on Thompkins after two games and Dobson after one. Anyone who is ready to pull the plug on these guys does not understand the game of football; it’s early, be patient.

With all the blame that is going on the receivers, some needs to be going to Tom Brady too. There were some plays that he completely missed his WRs. Yes there were many he hit them and they dropped the ball, but I saw a lot of throws behind guys and some misses over the top. Brady is usually dead on, and a combination of pouring rain and rookie receivers had Brady off his game. This team is young and had to play in some of the worst conditions they will have to this year, yet they are 2-0. Give them time and some nice weather. Rob Gronkowski will be back and there will be less pressure on the rookies; this team will still win 12 games.

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