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5 Things to Watch for in Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Diego Chargers Game

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5 things to watch for in Philadelphia Eagles vs San Diego Chargers contest

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The Philadelphia Eagles' offense was on full display last week. They rang up 26 points by half time and Chip Kelly showed why he was such a hot commodity the past few years as a head coaching hire.

The Eagles are simply fun to watch again. Whether it is the wacky formations, the bizarre over-sized play cards or the warp speed the Eagles go at, Kelly has certainly injected new life into this football team and this franchise.

The key here is can the Eagles sustain the sort of pace and offensive efficiency that they did in Week 1? Kelly has set up a specific rest and recovery program in the Eagles facilities and boy are they going to need it if they keep up this pace.

By the end of the first quarter, Jason Kelce, Michael Vick and many of their offensive teammates thought it was surely half time. This is the type of frenetic pace Kelly wants to go at. In fact, Kelly thought in the first half, when the whole world thought that the Eagles had kicked it into hyper drive, that the offense was "slow."

A frankly staggering statement. It could just be Kelly joking around with reporters, but it sure didn't seem like it. This is a man that is obsessed with speed, efficiency and mistake-free football. We saw that in spades from the Eagles in Week 1, although in the second half things slowed down considerably.

What will the Eagles do for an encore? Let's take a look at five things to look for in the Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Diego Chargers matchup.

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Can the Eagles secondary hold up against Phillip Rivers and the Chargers passing game?

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The Philadelphia Eagles secondary faces a stiffer test than they did in Week 1 against the Chargers. The Chargers are a pass-first team led by Phillip Rivers, so the Eagles will have to be at their best if they want to come away with a victory.

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Can the Eagles offensive line improve from Week 1?

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The Philadelphia Eagles offensive line performed pretty well in Week 1, although they did have a few communication break downs and failed to pick up some blitz looks. The Chargers will surely come with more exotic looks than the Redskins did. They also feature one of the league's deadliest pass rushers in Dwight Freeney. Will the rookie Lane Johnson be up to the task? Let's hope so as the line is crucial in this being a successful offense on a weekly basis.

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What will the Eagles running game do for an encore in Week 2?

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LeSean McCoy was simply sensational in Week 1 making breath-taking runs and racking up 184 yards on the ground. What will he do to top that in Week 2? He may not get 31 touches, but no doubt he will make his presence felt in a big way on Sunday.

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Will Michael Vick continue to play well against the Chargers defense?

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Can Michael Vick keep playing good football at the quarterback position? He has had his ups and downs the past few years having one good game and then one bad. He needs to play consistent football week in and week out for this offense to truly take flight.

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Can the Philadelphia Eagles offense go even faster in Week 2?

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Is it possible that the Philadelphia Eagles offense can go even faster? Chip Kelly thinks so. He said in his press conference that he thought the pace in the first half was "slow." With a straight face nonetheless. If they move any faster, they may blow the Chargers off the football field with their whirling dervish of an offense. Final prediction for Sundays game: Eagles 37, Chargers 28.