Absence of Seattle Seahawks' Brandon Browner Is A Concern

By Todd Pheifer
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are starting to get a little healthier, but there is still one player that is noticeably absent. That player is Brandon Browner.

Obviously there is nothing that can be done at this point. If I player is hurt, they are hurt. The NFL is a violent, unforgiving league. This is not the type the sport where a player can go out and just see how it goes. The Seahawks could certainly use Browner against the San Francisco 49ers, but it is a long season. Given the choice, Seattle would rather have Browner healthy for the playoffs.

Why is this a concern? Despite all the hype surrounding young quarterback Russell Wilson, the Seahawks are still a team that is built on winning with defense. The offense only put up 12 points in Week 1, and it was the defense that came up with a big turnover in the closing minutes.

Granted, Browner didn’t play in that game either, but there may come a point where Richard Sherman and company really miss the physical cornerback on the other side. This is where you appreciate the depth of the Seahawks, because they can theoretically overcome the loss of Browner. However, depth has its limits.

It isn’t like we have to start worrying about Browner’s age. Then again, maybe we do. At 29, Browner is not exactly a young athlete. Once you hit 30 in the NFL, physical skills can deteriorate quickly.

The Seahawks are a team that is built on competition, and Pete Carroll appears to want everyone looking over their shoulder. Browner is not necessarily going to keep his job for many years to come.

Perhaps Browner will be back on the field soon, so he can resume his role with one of the NFL’s best defense. Then again, this injury issue may be the start of a slow decline. Seattle fans hope that is not the case.

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