Can Michael Vick Play All 16 Games for Philadelphia Eagles?

By Ryan Wenzell
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick took a beating in Week 1 one of the regular season. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback was seen limping around late in the game, and he walked off the field in a game where he took some shots: Some he could do nothing about and some completely avoidable.

That has been Vick’s story. You love Vick the competitor. He is going to do whatever is necessary to put a W on the board, including going out and trying to lay out a block for teammates which he did a few times. However, at 33 years old, smarts have to start to kick in. He has to preserve himself. Instead of fighting for three or four extra yards and taking a big lick, get out of bounds and live to fight another day.

What will be a true shame is if Vick does eventually inevitably get injured and it forces him out of this offense. It is perfectly tailored for him. It allows his athletic gifts to be realized and also allows him to make quick, split-second decisions instead of sitting back in the pocket, which is better suited for his particular quarterbacking style.

To survive the rigors of a regular season, Vick must avoid head-on collisions, get out of bounds whenever possible and rely on his work horse running back LeSean McCoy and the other impressive array of Eagles running backs.

Head coach Chip Kelly says the best ability is durability. This certainly rings true for Vick. If he follows all of Kelly’s steps in terms of rest and recovery, and then plays smart in the game, it is very possible he could play all 16 games and potentially beyond on his way to a monster season.

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