Miami Dolphins Must Establish Running Game in Week 2

By Michael Terrill
Miami Dolphins Must Establish Running Game in Week 2
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins finished Week 1 ranked dead last in the NFL in rushing yards after they recorded a measly 20 yards against the Cleveland Browns. Obviously, the fact that the Dolphins won 23-10 is very important. With that being said, the team will be going nowhere this season if they cannot bring balance to their offense. There is no question Miami must establish a running game if they want to have a chance of defeating the Indianapolis Colts in Week 2.

It all starts with the offensive line. The blockers up front must create running lanes for the backs to move through. The fact that the Dolphins were unable to consistently do this against the Browns does not bode well for their chances against the Colts. With that being said, the NFL is all about making adjustments from week-to-week so hopefully, Miami did just that.

The running backs must also make the appropriate reads when carrying the ball. When a lane opens up, they must blast through it or accept their fate of rushing for no gain. There were several times against Cleveland when Miami’s offensive line had created a good amount of space for a positive play to be made. Unfortunately, running backs Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller simply did not react quickly enough.

The good news for the Dolphins is that the Colts allowed the second-most rushing yards (171) of any team in the league in Week 1. Granted, Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor torched them for 112 rushing yards, but nonetheless, it should give Miami some confidence knowing Indianapolis can be ran on.

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