Philadelphia Eagles' Offense: Future Leaders Among Copycats

By williambontrager
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Looking far ahead into the future of the Philadelphia Eagles, and not daring to look back even for a minute, I see a growing team that is going to be a factor in shaping the new face of the NFL. Is Chip Kelly‘s style premature though? Are his pistol formations, crazy trips plays, multiple tight end schemes, and several read designs ready to enter the NFL at this time?

Sure, in the past (gasp) the San Francisco 49ers dominated the NFC by sending their bright and shining star Colin Kaepernick out in the field, who won the media’s affection. Moving a little east into a land of rain and dreary music, the overrated Seattle Seahawks showcased a young and hungry Russell Williams as he scrambled, evaded tacklers and threw some pretty passes in the playoffs to cause those salivating behind the microphone to sing his praises.

The scrambling quarterback is over shadowing the pocket passer this year, so maybe Michael Vick really wasn’t that bad, rather just far ahead of his time. Like Herman Melville‘s Moby Dick, which presented existential principles in a puritan environment, so was Vick misunderstood by the rapidly decaying pocket passer era, but fully recognized by the new quarterbacks now. All Vick has to do now is mutter poetically before the game to, “call me Ishmael.”

If this is the case, which it isn’t, and I am being sarcastic, then the Eagles are going to get it better than any of those copycats. Other teams have NFL coaches, but we have a college coach now in the NFL who eats, breathes, sleeps, weeps, moans and groans this fast college-type game. What do other teams have in comparison? A red faced, shaky, cube headed Mike Shanahan who cannot even figure out how to bench his limping quarterback before getting him mangled in a monstrous fashion?

All kidding aside, if the NFL really does start going this route, the Eagles are going to lead the charge as Kelly finds out he can go faster by riding along the sidelines in a Segway. Go faster Kelly!

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