Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line Impresses in Debut, Still Has Room to Improve

By Ryan Wenzell
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles offensive line overall had an impressive debut on the road in a hostile environment. The noise, however, did seem to be a factor. There were a few communication breakdowns which is to be expected from an offensive line playing together for the first time in a loud stadium.

Individually, though, all five members of the line looked good. The game didn’t look too big for Lane Johnson, and for the most part Jason Peters did his job in pass protection. The interior of the line also graded out well. The Eagles may potentially face a stiffer test in Week 2. The San Diego Chargers may run some more exotic looks on defense as opposed to the vanilla scheme the Eagles saw in Week 1. The O-line is also going up against one of the league’s all-time best pass rushers in Dwight Freeney.

Freeney pushed around a Pro Bowl tackle last week in Duane Brown. While many people thought going into the season that he may be done, it looks like he still has the pass-rushing skills to terrorize quarterbacks. It is possible the Chargers defensive coordinator will get Freeney lined up on the rookie Johnson and test out the first-year player.

If this is the case, their will be times where tight ends will need to stay in to help the rookie out and chip Freeney to keep the quarterback’s pocket clean. The Eagles had a few communication issues which is to be expected for a line playing together for the first time. Hopefully, the kinks have been worked out for the home opener and the offense can operate even more smoothly than it did in Week 1. That’s a scary thought for the Chargers.

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