Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers: Why Russell Wilson Keeps Both Eyebrows

By Ryan Heckman
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The time has come for a professional quarterback to put it all on the line with a divisional foe. It’s the biggest matchup in the NFL this weekend. It has playoff implications and it’s only week two. It could be a preview of which team represents the NFC in the Super Bowl next February.

It’s a matchup that includes two quarterbacks battling it out in effort to keep both of their eyebrows.

Wait, what?

Yep, you read that right. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson made a bet with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick involving Sunday night’s primetime game between the two teams. Whichever quarterback’s team loses, he will have to shave an eyebrow.

Talk about an odd wager, right?

The biggest reason why I believe Wilson will be able to keep that razor in its drawer comes down to who has more weapons on offense. I know, the Niners boast one of the best tight ends in the game in Vernon Davis. Anquan Boldin also showed that he is far from done as a pro last week, going for over 200 yards receiving.

But, Wilson has the better running back and more depth at wide receiver — something the Niners are currently struggling with as Michael Crabtree continues to rehab his achilles.

Marshawn Lynch is highly regarded as a top-5 back in the league on most days, and possesses not only the power but the ability to do any other little thing asked of him. Pass block? Absolutely. Active in the screen game? No problem. Run outside? Yep. Run inside? Of course.

On top of Lynch, Wilson is throwing the ball to a variety of guys in the passing game — which Kaepernick cannot attest to as far as his offense is concerned. Out of Kaepernick’s 412 yards last Sunday, 306 came on just two guys — Davis and Boldin.

Wilson, on the other hand, spread the ball around quite well, throwing for 320 yards. Six targets had at least 30 yards receiving, without any of them going over the century mark. Wilson will likely have to get it done through the air again, though, if Lynch doesn’t prove last week a fluke.

In week one, Lynch uncharacteristically averaged just 2.5 yards per carry. Although he’s going against a tough Niners defense, I think he’ll be able to muster up more than that in week two.

The Seahawks and Niners may end up in a shootout, or they could each wind up scoring less than 20 points. In a game like this, it’s tough to tell. But, when push comes to shove, I think the Seahawks have the edge on offense while both defenses are full of studs. Look for Kaepernick to show up to next week’s media day missing something he had in his possession this week — an eyebrow.

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