The Jacksonville Jaguars are the Worst Team in the NFL

By Scott DelleFave
Jacksonville Jaguars
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are bar none the worst team in football and, frankly, it’s not even close. First off, they scored two points last week at home, no less. They had no semblance of an offense this past week at all, as Blaine Gabbert went 16-for-35 in pass attempts and had 121 yards offense with zero touchdowns and two interceptions. Their rushing game was not any better as feature back Maurice Jones-Drew had a whopping 45 yards on the ground on 15 carries.

While the final score was 28-2 last week, the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t exactly obliterate them as no one on the team had ungodly good numbers either. Star running back Jamaal Charles didn’t have a 100-yard rushing game, nor did new quarterback Alex Smith have 300-yard passing game.

The good news for the Jaguars is they get the Oakland Raiders this week, however, two things are going against Jacksonville in this one: The Raiders didn’t look awful last week and they have to travel to the black hole and deal with the most hostile crowd in American professional sports.

Another good news/bad news item for the Jaguars is that staring QB Gabbert is out for the game as well, however, the bad news is Chad Henne is in at quarterback, could they actually do worse with the other former University of Michigan Wolverine on the roster in Denard Robinson handling the snap for one week? After all, he is the emergency quarterback on the team.

All in all, this should be a long 2013 for Jacksonville Jaguars and they could realistically go 0-16.

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